One More List

That’s right, I’m sticking to my resolution. Posting every day! I’m dedicated! It’s January 2!

It’s funny how quickly the holidays go, isn’t it? Was it just last week that it was Christmas? Was it just a few days ago that it was New Year’s Eve? Now it’s 50 degrees (though when hasn’t it been this winter) and the stores already have Valentine’s Day candy and cards. They don’t want any of that Christmas stuff on the shelves anymore, and in the end that’s probably a good thing. When you love Christmas, it’s just depressing.

So 2011 is over and I have a list! I don’t do year-end “best and worst” lists anymore, but here are some things I read/watched/listened to/ate/experienced in 2011 that I really liked:

Bossypants, by Tina Fey
CBS Sunday Morning
American Pickers
Big Train Vanilla Chai
L.A. Noire
Mission: Impossible 4
America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country
Last Man Standing (yeah, that’s right)
Rold Gold Cheddar Pretzels
Hamlet’s Blackberry, by William Powers
Red Velvet cake
Pan Am
Hendrick’s Gin
Quitting Facebook
The Middle
Having health insurance again

What did you enjoy in 2012?