I was born in Gloucester, MA, which you might know from the book/movie Captains Courageous and Gorton’s fish sticks. I’m the youngest of seven kids. My childhood revolved around television, science fiction and mystery books, and Quisp cereal.

I write for New York mag’s Vulture.com, Esquire, and other places.

I was editor of AOL/Weblog Inc.’s TV Squad and a staff writer for Cinematical, Slashfood, and Adjab (now all gone). I’ve written for USA Today, Salon, McSweeneys.net, Playboy’s The Smoking Jacket, The Black Table, Ironminds, The Boston Herald, and more. I wrote a music column for a local newspaper chain in the late 80s, and in the 90s was a columnist for Cape Ann Weekly and a community editor at Tripod.

With the help of friends I published the music zine RPM from 1990-92. I also published the TV zine Channel Surfer Journal from 1995-2000.

I self-published the essay collection Book, with Words and Pages in 2003.

You may have seen/heard me on WGBH, FX’s Breakfast Time, MSNBC or on several podcasts.

Ex-advertising and sales guy, ex-college radio DJ, ex-cook/waiter/bartender.

I launched this site in 1996. Back then we called them “online journals.”

Thumbs up: cold weather, tea, old advertising, gin & tonics, Raymond Chandler, Dean Martin, Marshall Crenshaw,¬†Christmas music, The Dick Van Dyke Show, landline phones, typewriters, film noir, old cookbooks, tennis, Reese’s peanut butter cups

Thumbs down: warm weather, football, reality television, texting, people who don’t say thank you, dark beer, the closing of bookstores, Black Friday sales, most seafood, Dr. Phil


Interviews: I’m available for interviews via phone, e-mail, or in person if you’re close enough.

Appearances: I’m available to talk about pop culture, media, TV, advertising, writing, the history of the web, and what the best frozen pizza is. E-mail me with details about your organization or event.