Me, circa 1969 or so

I’ve been writing for almost 30 years. Currently I’m a columnist for The Saturday Evening Post and I write for NY Mag’s and Esquire. I’m also the creator/editor of the pop culture magazine/blog Professor Barnhardt’s Journal.

My essays, features, reviews, interviews and humor pieces have been featured in such places as USA Today, Salon, The Boston Herald,, and many other publications and sites. I’m the former editor of AOL’s television site TV Squad and a staff writer for AOL’s film, food and advertising sites. In the 1990s I was a columnist for Cape Ann Weekly and editor of the TV Lounge community at With the help of friends I published the music zine RPM from 1990-91. From 1995 to 2000 I was publisher and editor of the TV newsletter Channel Surfer Journal.

In 2003 I published Book, with Words and Pages, a collection of essays and short humor pieces. I’ve been a guest and commentator on PBS, FX’s Breakfast Time, MSNBC, and several podcasts. Before all that I was a radio DJ (WMWM-FM), worked in sales and advertising for Billboard magazine and, and worked for several years as a cook/waiter/bartender.

I live in in Gloucester, MA, setting of movies and books like Captains Courageous and home of Gorton’s fish sticks, not far from where Serena turned Darrin into a statue on Bewitched.

I started this site way back in 1996. Back then we called them “online journals.”

Thumbs up: cold weather, The Dick Van Dyke Show, old cookbooks, 40s-80s advertising, gin & tonics, tea, Raymond Chandler, Dean Martin, Marshall Crenshaw, Christmas music, film noir, tennis, typewriters, pizza, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Thumbs down: heat and humidity, reality television, people who don’t say thank you, the closing of bookstores, print newspapers/magazines going away, dark beer, lobster and shrimp, the disappearance of TV theme songs, shorts and flip-flops, Dr. Phil


Interviews: I’m available for radio/TV/print interviews via phone, e-mail (or in person if you’re close enough).

Speaking Engagements/Appearances: I’m available for speaking engagements and panels to talk about television and pop culture. E-mail me with details about your organization or event!