A Voice From Above

Jimmy Kimmel helped me shop for groceries the other day. More on that in a minute.

Happy New Year. Is it still OK to say that in the middle of January? I don’t see why not. It’s still the first month of the year, still winter, still a new beginning. We haven’t drifted too far into 2020 yet. If someone says it to me in March I may raise an eyebrow and laugh but on January 16 it’s fine.

I’ve made resolutions. I always make resolutions. As I said in a recent Saturday Evening Post column, I don’t believe people when they say with a smug face they don’t make them. Sure, they may not make a pronouncement in their head or on paper that says “These are my resolutions….,” but isn’t it natural to make plans for things you want to do/change at the end of an old year and the start of a new one?

I won’t get into what mine are. The usual mix of the big and the trivial, the personal and the professional, important to no one but me. I think we should start a tradition of making resolutions for other people. The things we think others should do or change or improve. For example, I think Kellogg’s should resolve in 2020 to bring back their Baby Swiss Cheez-Its. I don’t care if they were discontinued because no one else bought them, I believe Kellogg’s should have an entire division devoted to my snack preferences.

Oh, the Kimmel thing. I was at the supermarket two nights ago shopping for groceries (I don’t know why I feel the need to explain that – why else would I be at a supermarket?) when I suddenly heard late night TV talk show host Jimmy Kimmel rattling off a list of items I shouldn’t forget to buy. (This was from the loudspeaker above me, he wasn’t actually there in the aisle.). Bread, milk, chips, etc. He must be some sort of spokesman for the company (or maybe supermarkets in general?), making wacky announcements every now and then to entertain and inform bored shoppers.

At the very end he said “oh, and eggs. Don’t forget eggs.” And I had forgotten them! Thanks, late night TV talk show host Jimmy Kimmel!

Kmart, 1974

I know what you’re thinking. You’re sitting there at your computer or on your phone and you’re thinking, “Hey, I wonder what music they were playing at Kmart while people were Christmas shopping in 1974?” Well, here you go.

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