Sunday Random Links

Some things I’ve been reading lately that I’ve enjoyed. Maybe you will too.

Remembrances of Carl Reiner, from Parks and Recreation’s Mike Schur, Modern Family’s Steve Levitan, comics writer Matthew Rosenberg, and producer George Shapiro. And here’s Dick Van Dyke introducing two colorized episodes of his show from CBS the other night.

Cartoon-inspired furniture.

Eddie Muller is making film noir-inspired cocktails.

John DeVore on being the child of a video game junkie.

Every police report in the Flathead Beacon sounds like a short story waiting to be written.

The strange death of easy listening.

I bet you didn’t know you could stuff a hot dog. But you can! According to Vincent Price.

By the way, for those of you looking for the next edition of The Letter, I’ll be mailing them out next week.


That’s the age I turned earlier this week. It’s incredible that I’ve reached an age that when I was a kid seemed so far away, when we’d be flying around with jetpacks or have a robot maid.

55. It does have a nice symmetry to it.

My birthday, by the numbers:

Number of plates of spaghetti and cheesy chicken: one (large)
Number of alcoholic drinks consumed: 2 (gin & tonic)
Number of bowls of ice cream: 2 (chocolate chip)
Number of movies watched: 2 (Can You Ever Forgive Me? and John Wick 3)
Number of TV shows watched: 3 (Perry Mason, Everybody Loves Raymond, Leave it to Beaver)
Number of minutes of TV news watched: 0
Number of loads of laundry done: 1
Number of old girlfriends thought about: 1

Have a great weekend.


Summer’s here. Not officially, but yeah, summer’s here. I know this because this morning I killed a bee the size of a Roma tomato.

It was in the bathroom, buzzing around inside the light. Must have gotten in through the vent that houses the fan. I’m hoping he was just a stray and there’s not suddenly a nest.

In other news: my Post column this week features social distancing news, SpaceX, Herb Stempel and the quiz show scandals, a look at TV ratings from 1951 to 2019, Necco wafers, dangerous pickles, and Velveeta, Velveeta, Velveeta.

Have a great weekend.

What I’ve been up to

Haven’t updated this site in a month. Because I’ve been…

Watching the incredibly interesting Hollywood Graveyard channel. Enjoying the return of The Far Side to the web. Watching Jerry Seinfeld’s new Netflix special. Reading Double Indemnity. Sad that Chris Erskine has ended his Los Angeles Times column after 30 years (but happy he’ll still be writing elsewhere). Watching every episode of Mad Men again from the beginning (if you’re looking for your next binge, this is it). Listening to the re-release of Marshall Crenshaw’s Miracle of Science. Working on a novel. Searching for disinfectant wipes. Cutting my own hair. Switching from hot tea to iced because it’s June.

What about you?