Old Blog 50

Notebook – January 6, 1997

First, an apology, then an explanation.

Sorry to all of you who surf the web in search of whiz-bang sites that
sprout amazing colors and fancy graphics. I love them too, but you
usually won’t find them here. Oh, once in a while, I’ll change the home
page, spice it up with some nifty border, photos, and other art work.
But if you’re actually more interested in the content than the flash,
you’ve come to the right place.

Fans of Channel Surfer Journal might be shocked. Don’t
worry, the page is still here. I’ve just decided to concentrate on the
print version of it, and leave the web for updates on what’s going on
in that print version. I’m sure I’ll put a few articles and reviews
from CSJ online in the future.

Everything else will be updated as follows: Moments In The Mind, every
1 or 2 weeks; Odds and Ends, every time I think of something to put in
it; and the Archives every 2 weeks, with various columns from all

This is an odd time of year, in between the slight let-down
that happens after the holidays, and the first real snowstorm of the
season. Days have been unseasonably warm and unsettling, causing my
body to get completely out of the rhythm that is January. But I’m sure
that will change soon. I’ll soon wake up one morning to find a mountain
of snow covering the view from my bedroom window. The school closing
announcements and weather updates will take over the newscasts, and the
sound of whirring car engines and sliding tires will fill the air
outside my door. The shoveling will commence, and the hunt for that
last bag of rock salt will begin.

And all will seem right with the world.

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