Old Blog 47

Notebook – June 17, 1999

Gurgle, bling, the roar of the crowd, and zzzzzzzzap! Ah, the sounds of a warm spring evening.

Actually, in order, those were the sounds of my dinner cooking in the
microwave, my computer getting e-mail, the fans at Fenway doing a wave
(on the TV), and the cutting off of all of them by the sudden loss of
electricity. I'll never take power for granted again.

In this age of intant messaging via computers, DVDs, the Global
Positioning System in your car, and , of course, the Ronco Food
Dehydrator, it's strange and humbling that the electric power for four
towns can be brought down by the simiple pecking of an inquisitive
crow. But that's exactly what happened last night as the bird pecked
its way into a set of live wires at an electrical station 20 miles

I was unlucky enough to be not only waiting for my dinner to
cook, but also enjoying a baseball game on TV and typing on the
computer. And in one instant, it was gone. Computer down. TV off in a
flicker. The VCR clock light evaporated. Lights gone in a crackling,
dimming haze. Then, of course, the most important victim: the rice in
the microwave.

It took an hour for the power to return. Do you know what
happens to rice that's been sitting in luke warm water for an hour?
Exactly. A beige, fleshy mass that resembled the Blob in it's embryonic
stage. Quickly expanding, yet not fully cooked, and not worth saving.

But I'll be damned if I was going to go to the Domino's that
sits so conveniently next door. I haven't started running again for
nothing. But I suppose any meal you eat at 11PM is bound to stay with
you, even if it's not "fast food." So that's my excuse: I've gained
weight because a crow caused a massive power outage.

By the way, no word on whether the crow survived or not.

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