Old Blog 41

Notebook – May 22, 2000

I'm back. But then, so are the bugs.

They've been here since I moved in almost seven years ago. Long, hairy,
quick as the Flash wormy things that are unlike any bugs I had ever
seen before. In the winter, they disappear. They probably die, but
these things are so bizarre I wouldn't be surprised if they suddenly
sprouted wings and flew south for the winter. They return around April
or May. I'll see one every two weeks, then it becomes one a week, then
I see them a few times a week.

This morning I reached for the kitchen faucet handle and one
was behind it on the wall. Which worries me. Usually they are in my
office, on the wall across the room. Or maybe they might be in the
bathroom, where the air is moist and there are lots of holes to get in
and out of, in the walls and down drains. Sometimes they are in the
hallway, running into cracks when I make a noise. But now they've
invaded a certain area where that I want off limits! Damn you, this is
where I wash my dishes! This is just inches from where I prepare my
food! Go away or I'll…

…well, I'll do nothing, because as soon as I kill one (a
horrific sight, actually, like out of a Peckinpah film), there are two
to take it's place. And this is the way it will continue until October
or so. When the frosty air starts and sends them back to the hell they

Oh, I have snails too, attached to a couple of the windows of my house, on the outside. It's a regular Mutual Of Omaha's Wild Kingdom here.

Taking the month off was a good thing to do. I did it for two
reasons: one, I had a minor operation that meant I had to rest as much
as possible (cool! a medical reason to watch TV and read!). Two, I
really wanted to start writing fiction seriously again. I remember
being a kid (jeez, suddenly I'm like my mom…"why, when I was your
age, we walked 3 hours to school…) and writing a lot of fiction.
Because I didn't care what I wrote. There was a devil-may-care, let's
do this for fun, no one's gonna see it air about it, creating these
stories that only I would see. When you're a writer and you get older,
you start to make compromises. In general, the closer you get to
fiction, the less money you make (and don't e-mail me with the figure
on what King or Grisham will make on their next book). Business writing
is where the money is, and if that stuff isn't compromise I don't know
what is. But it serves a purpose. But I digress.

I wanted to start writing fiction on a regular basis again. Not
just the novel (final edit right now!), but also short stories and
little fictional flights of fancy that I used to jot down in my
journal. The month off helped me get back to that.

There comes a time when the web site has to take a back seat to the other stuff. But there's room for both.

Let me get this straight: they cancel Now and Again, Sports Night, Action, and Freaks and Geeks, but Two Guys and A Girl gets to come back? It's almost surreal, isn't it?

I won't spoil the X-Files if you taped last night's episode and haven't watched it.
But let's just say it didn't have just one whammy at the end, or two,
or three, it had FOUR. And two of them I actually didn't even hear
about beforehand on my web travels! It's one of the few times that the
FOX hype ("the episode that will change everything!") was actually
true. Some interesting possibilities for next year.

OK, there's my geek quota for the day.

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