Old Blog 36

Notebook – September 12, 2000

Random Thoughts, Because I'm Too Tired To Do A Regular Column

Today is a fog, thanks to a cold that has engulfed my entire head. Achy, sneezy, drowsy, Doc, Bashful.

Recent horrifying quote: courtesy of George W. Bush, of course. "I
want to thank Yakov Smirnoff…a fine, funny comedian…who understands
the promise of this country and the American Dream."

Pet peeve of the week: when I go into a store and the clerk says "hi,
how are you?" And I say, "fine, thanks, and you?" and they say NOTHING
in return! It happens all the time. What's up with that?

Tillie Tooter. Now there's a name from a different time.

She's the woman who was recently run off the road and survived in a
ditch, eating only Freedent gum and a little water. Tillie probably
isn't her real name. It's probably short for something else, though
that name I'm sure is even more old-fashioned sounding. I guess certain
names are generation-related.

40 or 50 years from now, we won't have any Tillies or Mildreds or
Gertrudes or Eleanors. All of the grandmothers will be named Ashley and
Jennifer and Kelly.

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