Old Blog 29

May 2001

Goddamn, I am so hyped up on caffeine right now – 4 medium
bookstore chais will do that to you. I have this unending feeling of
acceleration, like my mind is running in two parellel thoughts, racing
to figure out which one I should concentrate on first. Every little
sound and body movement made by the other people in the cafe is
magnified by 10: the various blond little kids running around my table;
their mother, searching the menu for lemonade (yes, that's what these
kids need, more sugar); the cough cough coughing of the older gentleman
to my right; the piercing alarm overhead that is going off every 3
minutes. Either someone has walked out without paying, or there is a
meltdown in the main reactor core; the incessant, bug-like chattering
of a group of medical professionals who have just showed up for some
sort of meeting.

Speaking of, earlier in the week:

Monday, 6PM: I decide "gee, I think I'll brush my teeth and go grocery shopping."

6:04PM: Lots of blood in the sink.

Maybe a little explanation is in order. I woke up in much pain on
Monday morning. The back of the left side of my mouth was swollen. I'm
thinking…wisdom teeth? Grinding my teeth at night? Alien trying to
get out? Popped some Advil, tried to get through the morning. The pain
started to fade a little bit, but the swelling remained, and throughout
the day it was a wee bit hard to talk. Luckily, I work at home alone
and rarely talk out loud. Unless it's to myself, and I try to keep that
at a minimum. I also stayed off the phone as much as I could.

ANYWAY…the pain disappeared over the next day and night, and
tonight I decided (see above) to go grocery shopping. Picture the
scene: I'm happy, wondering what type of neat foodstuffs I can buy at
the store, making a mental note to buy razor cartridges so I can shave
the next morning, trying to remember that, yes, I have the spaghetti
and sauce, but I need grated cheese as well, when…BAM! Emeril Lagasse
pops out of my toilet! No, sorry, but I had to follow that BAM! with
something. No, I'm rinsing my mouth out with water, and a torrent of
blood comes pouring out into the sink. I look at the toothbrush: red
swirls mixed in with the Crest. I mumbled something out loud (I think
it was, "what the fuck…"), and rinsed my mouth some more. More blood
into the sink.* I rinse my mouth a third time.

No blood at all. Completely blood free. Huh? To make a long
story short: it was probably an abscess, filled with blood, and I
punctured it with the toothbrush. No more bleeding, and the swelling is
gone. I decide to call my sister, who is my doctor's assistant, and she
agrees. But, because of my mitral valve prolapse she gives me some
anti-biotics (side note: the mitral valve is a heart valve, and
whenever I have any dental work done I need to take anti-biotics before
and after to ward off infection and bacteria getting in the blood
stream – actually a very common ailment…more people have it than you
think). Take two tonight, and one for the next 4 days.

Book update: It's coming, it's coming. One of the reasons I
haven't updated this web site in a month is because I've been working
on the book almost every single day. Check the book link to the right
for all the latest info.

OK, that's it for now. Tonight is pizza night and The X-Files. Yabba-dabba-do.

*I know, I know…you're thinking, "I didn't come here
to get grossed out AND get a medical lesson." But,hey, it's a notebook,
and this is what's going on with me this week, so…

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