Old Blog 21

Notebook – March 18, 2002

To spare you the details (the long, boring details), I won't
talk about how sick I was a couple of weeks ago. Though I will say that
I now have a cough that won't go away. Well, it does go away; I'm not
coughing that much, but I'm doing it at the most annoying times. Funny:
a cough was the only thing I DIDN'T have when I was sick. But it's not
a cold type of cough, it's a cough that makes itself known when I
exercise, or lay down, or talk a lot, or breathe in dust or newspaper
ink. Maybe some asthma/allergy irritation. You know what makes me cough
the most? Vanity Fair magazine. (There's a sentence I never thought I'd
utter.) Dozens upon dozens of cologne and perfume ads, lots of ink, all
swirling in the air, getting sucked into my chest, making me hack.

Saw the trailer for the next Star Wars flick, Boredom of the Drones,
or whatever it's called. Egads. Just ghastly. There's so much going on,
so many characters, so many plots, so much computer-generated special
effects (hmmm…sounds like the last flick), that even the trailer
exhausts and confuses you. Until you realize that there's so much going
on that…there's really NOTHING going on. Maybe I'm wrong and this
middle film of the second trilogy will be as good as the middle film of
the first trilogy. But I'll go on record right now as saying that even
if it is OK, George Lucas STILL doesn't know what he's doing as a

Signs you're closer to 40 than 30: you have no idea who the
bands are in Spin. I haven't read the mag in almost 10 years. The issue
currently on the newsstand has an article about "The Top Forty: The
Only Bands That Matter" (another sign you're closer to 40: you realize
that articles with titles like that are going to be ridiculous). While
my 22 year old self, heck, even my 28 year old self, would have been
able to not only know the bands on such a list, but would be able to
tell you the name of their first drummer, when they are going to be
playing in my area, when they are going to be on Letterman,
when their next album will be released, and maybe some dollop of trivia
about a recent drug arrest or fight, my 36 year old self doesn't even
recognize any of the band names. Sure, U2 (#4) is easy, and I've heard
of System of a Down (#5), but Basement Jaxx (#11)? Jay-Z (#1)? Gorillaz
(#27)? Sigur Ros (#36)? Definitive Jux (#39)? I'm lost. But, for some
reason, I'm really content with being lost. I really like that Linkin
Park (#7) song I've heard on the radio, but this article makes me
realize how painfully inept and trivial rock music journalism (and I
spent 5 years in the album and concert reviewing/interviewing trenches,
and another 5 as a sales rep for Billboard and other magazines) is. Or is it just that I feel left out?

Nah. I'm OK after all: #19 is Creed. Jeez, even I know how wrong that is.

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