And This Is The #1 Web Site By A 39 Year Old, 5’5 1/2″ Male With Dark Hair Who Is Currently Drinking Tea

The new Debra Messing flick, The Wedding Date, is calling itself "the number one romantic comedy in America!" in its TV ads.  Probably the print ads too, though I haven’t checked.

Taking a quick look at the movie listings, The Wedding Date is the only romantic comedy out right now.  Boogeyman?  Nope, that’s a horror flick.  Alone In The Dark?  Ditto.  Hide And Seek?  You got it.  Or how about Are We There Yet?  Comedy (supposedly).  Or maybe Eastwood’s Million Dollar Baby?  Nope, that’s a Busby Berkeley-esque musical.

Maybe the commercial refers to this week.  After all, Pooh’s Heffalump Movie opens today.

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