Google, Baby, Google!

One of the best things about the new blog here is the fact that I’m now able to see how people come to this site via Google.  What words they are typing into the search space that get my site as one of the results. 

From the most recent results, it seems that an incredible amount of people are interested in the world of Tracey Gold ("Tracey Gold Larry King"), former Growing Pains star.  More specifically, her recent appearance on Larry King Live.  She’s probably more popular now than when Growing Pains was a hit on ABC.

Another search string:  "Gerber baby model."  This search, unlike the Tracey Gold search, wasn’t someone looking for information regarding what my post was about (the Taster’s Choice model getting a bunch of cash because they used his photo without his knowledge), it was someone looking for information about the Gerber baby in general (was it Bogart?  an ex-teacher?  someone else?).  It’s interesting to see where these searches can lead you (yeah, I know, that’s not a groundbreaking observation).  You do a search for the Gerber baby and you find out how much money Taster’s Choice gave a model from a photo shoot in 1986.

But the most, um, interesting Google search that drove someone to my site? 

Jaime "Charles in Charge" ass


One thought on “Google, Baby, Google!

  1. I would like my grnddaughter to be a Gerber Baby Model. How do I pursue this? What do I need to do to get someone look at pictures of her?
    Please let me know. Her name is Kylie and she is six months old. She is a very pretty baby, with big blue eyes and an infectious smile. She has a great personality and is a very even tempered calm baby(except when she is teething),even then she doesn’t cry much. She loves people and always has a smile for everyone.
    I look forward too your reply.
    Thank you,
    Donna L. Welch (proud grandmother)

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