All Martha, All Day

For those of you who have followed my Letters To Martha saga (short version:  wrote a novel, started to put it up online every week via a blog, then lost 80% of the novel in a Word mishap), the latest news is…well, the same, basically.  I’ve just been way too busy this past month to go full steam ahead with the novella I was going to reconstruct from the remains of the novel and new stuff I would have written to finish it.  I had planned to put the novella on line this Friday, to coincide with Martha’s release from prison, but that’s not going to happen.

However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t lots of Martha goodness to come on Friday.  She’s going to be released some time during the day, perhaps even at 12:01am (hey, if I was in jail, I’d want to get out the first minute I’d be able to as well), and I’ll be making some blog comments throughout the day as I watch all the TV coverage (and they’ll be a lot – Stewart’s company is going to provide a big flatbed truck for all of the TV crews that will cover her release).  It’s also a good time to re-run/link to some of the Martha-oriented essays and blog entries I’ve made in the past.

And let’s start things off with this unintentionally funny comment from one of the reporters covering her release, on tonight’s Larry King Live.  She explained that Stewart has said that many of the women at the prison don’t belong at Alderson, and that Martha might try to help them in some way.  And why would she help these prisoners, according to the reporter?

"…because they are potential K-Mart shoppers."

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