Wow, it’s been almost two months since I last posted anything on this blog. You probably thought it was one of those deals where I just abandoned the blog and when back to print, leaving this site a bitter wasteland that will only show up in Google searches in the future. I pathetic reminder of good times past. But it’s nothing like that, nor is it laziness or apathy and all those other "he hasn’t posted on his blog!" cliches. I’ve been super-busy over at TV Squad, posting a ton every single day. I was made editor over a month ago, and it’s pretty much taking up all my time. But I plan on getting back to regular postings here too.

Today I turn 40. Holy crap on a bagel. 40! That’s sounds so…so…impossible. Not impossible that I reached it, but that it seemed to sneak up on me. Where the hell have the past 10 years gone? I’ll never be thirtysomething again. From here on out it’s a whole new world. A world of colonoscopies and paying extra special attention to cholesterol medication commercials. I think when you’re in your 30s you can still avoid the old man jokes. You can still check out the 24 year old girls when you go out. You can still have the "I’m only in my 30s!" mantra playing in your head. Even when you’re 39 and forty is only a few months away. But when the odometer clicks over and that 4 is in the first window, that’s get you thinking. Things are not the same.

But they’re not different either. I can tell you right now why I say "where the hell have the past 10 years gone." I see myself, pretty much, in the same situation I was in when I was 30. Only now I have less dates, I go out less, and I have less hair. Wait a second, maybe things are different. But they are the same too because, since my life hasn’t gone through any life-altering phase yet (marriage, kids, etc), I don’t consider myself to be any different than I was at 26 or 33 or 39. And that’s a great feeling. Of course, the secret is to try to convince those 23 year old girls I mentioned earlier. (Oh, I kid!)

So anyway, happy birthday to me. Lots of drinks ahead for me today, maybe some pizza. And I’ll be writing all day over at TV Squad if you want to come on over and say hello.

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