Worst Friggin’ Blogger In The World

Or maybe I should say Worst Friggin’ Personal Blogger In The World, because I’m rockin’ the Casbah over at the sites that actually pay the bills. But this here has been sadly neglected. Shortly after I made my totally foolish "I’m going to blog every single day!" proclamation (scroll down below, I’m sure it’s still on this page, that’s how lame I am), I completely abandoned it. Oh well.

I probably wouldn’t even be writing these words, but my ego feelings of guilt are forcing me to make sure I have at least one entry for the month of November. The little calendar on the left looks amazingly link-free (unless you’re reading this in the future, in the archives, in which case it’s probably a different calendar. How are things in the future? Do we have jetpacks yet?)

3 thoughts on “Worst Friggin’ Blogger In The World

  1. Bob…posting this comment here, for lack of a better place..but wanted to thank you for the fantastic new interview with Craig Clevenger…I’ve become very big on both him and Chris Baer…it burns me that neither one of them has received more recognition for their work…and it burns me double regarding Baer that the crime writers community has virtually ignored him. good that somebody is doing the good work!

  2. “Kiss Me, Judas is one of the best noir books ever written”
    No shit!!! Kiss me Judas is indeed one of, if not the, best ever…I was so blown away when I first read it. There are no amount of superlatives that I can heap on that book. Please give me a heads up when you have that interview, Bob.

  3. Hey, thanks. Yeah, I don’t know why Chris seems to be kinda ignored by the crime community…Kiss Me, Judas is one of the best noir books ever written.
    I’m going to have an interview with Chris in the next month or so, so look out for it.

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