The Most Shameless Self-Promotion You’ll Ever See On This Site

I almost didn’t post this, and then I thought, what the hell: voting is open for this year’s Bloggies. And if you wanted to vote for a certain web site, maybe one written by a guy named Bob, maybe in the writing and humor categories, maybe even the Lifetime Achievement category because he’s had a freakin’ blog since 1996, I wouldn’t be against that at all. (Voting ends Tuesday at 10pm.)

Two rules: you have to vote for more than one site. Meaning, if you vote for just my site, it won’t be valid. You can vote for me in the cats above, but you also have to put down a couple of other web sites in other categories.

Also, if you try to submit a second form, your first one is deleted too and you can’t vote at all.

Cool? Cool.

Add your thoughts:

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