The City

So I’m all moved into my new place. I like living in the city (Boston) so far. I’ve always lived in a "city," but Gloucester isn’t really a city. It’s a small town with a little steroid help.

Right now I’m writing this from the cafe’ mezzanine of Borders in downtown Boston. I’m here with all the other people on a Sunday morning: the couples, the students, the bookworms, and the crazy, craggly faced heroin addicts who you do not want to make eye contact with or they’ll stab stab stab you. Yesterday an Asian guy smiled seductively at me. I think he wanted my cock.

The only thing I’m not too thrilled about (well, other than that guy above) is the fact that I’m still not online at the new place. First I was told it would take a few days, then March 7, now it’s the 10th. I still haven’t gotten anything in the mail (software, etc). I’ll give them 4 more days. If I don’t get it by then I’m going to go with another provider. I hear they’re Comcastic.

I love having the option of being able to take my laptop and log on at Borders or Starbucks or any of the million places around the city where you can go wireless, but I’d much rather do it from home. I’ve missed so much work lately.

I’ll write more in the next day or two. In the meantime, a note to the officials at the MBTA subway in Boston: it’s probably not a great idea to have posters for Final Destination 3 all over the place, with the tagline "This ride will be the death of you." Yikes.

4 thoughts on “The City

  1. Kenny: It’s great. Not too far from Fenway.
    Mayor: you’re welcome. Just make sure you wash it before you use it. It collected a lot of dust while in the Neutral Zone.
    Sis: STOP YELLING AT ME! (All caps means you’re yelling). Wasn’t sure what you meant by the dinner remark at first then I checked the earlier post.
    I would have listed your dinner first but I think I had pizza in front of me when I wrote that.

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