Grande Hot Chocolate Please, No Whipped Cream, No Bob Marley

Starbucks again. They have an obsession with Bob Marley. I swear they have played the same song on a continuous loop since the moment I got here, about 90 minutes ago, interrupted only once for "Our House" by Madness.

You know, for a highly successful company, Starbucks has one of the worst set-ups in retail history. You order your drink at the counter, and then when it’s ready you have to pick it up in the corner, on some stupid table, and they hardly ever call out your drink when it’s ready. You just have to wait with 8 other people, all crowded together, and hope you pick the right drink. I’ve never been in a Starbucks where I haven’t had to ask "is this my hot chocolate?"

Oh fantastic. A small child just vomited about three feet from me. Maybe she was sick, but why do I assume the mother gave the kid a double espresso?

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