Stupid, Rainy Day People

Warmer today, no rain, but it looks like we’re about to get hit again with some rainstorms. And that means the stupid people will be out.

I love the rain (I don’t get people who like it to be sunny and warm all the time), but there’s something that happens in the rain that I absolutely hate: people using umbrellas. Now, umbrellas are a great idea in concept (liquid falls from sky and you need something to keep you dry), but I don’t think I’ve ever met one person who uses an umbrella correctly. An umbrella is a device that you hold in your hand. It puts a protective cover over your head, its roof expanding about a foot or so all around your body (at least – the other day I saw an umbrella that I swear was bigger than the Cinzano umbrellas at outdoor cafes), and all around the umbrella are pointy, sharp, metal or plastic tentacles. It’s amazing how many people don’t understand that these things are dangerous. They just rush through their commute, not paying any attention to the people they’re hitting in the head or the shoulder, coming dangerously close to their eyes. I actually have to duck as I’m walking around the city, like I’m on some obstacle course, and if you win you get to keep your eyes and vision.

If you use an umbrella, picture this scenario: there’s no such thing as rain. It doesn’t exist. Now imagine getting some device that goes over your head (you don’t need it because there’s no such thing as rain, but you just like carrying it), and it has pointy tentacles that flare out on all sides. Wouldn’t you be careful not to hit anyone? Of course you would. So why is it any different, just because this thing called "rain" exists?

In other words, just because something needs to be used, doesn’t mean it can be used any fucking way that you like.

Stupid, rainy day people.

One thought on “Stupid, Rainy Day People

  1. Haha, you have no idea. I live in Shanghai, China population 20 million and nearly all of them commute via bicycle or by walking. Those who walk always have umbrellas. So imagine twenty million people all about five and a half feet tall and me at six foot two. That’s pretty much eye level for all twenty million of those umbrellas.

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