John McNally Started A Meme, And He Doesn’t Even Know It

Got this from Tod Goldberg, who got it from John McNally, author of America’s Report Card: list all the stuff that’s currently on your desk. Here goes:

Apple iBook

Motorola phone

Various notebooks, Post-It notes and pieces of paper with story ideas

Pen holder filled with various pens, including 007 collectible pen, one from the Titanic (not the ship, but a collectible pen), and one from Caeser’s Palace in Vegas, even though I’ve never been there

One Apple mug filled with coins, another mug filled with pennies

One pack of Extra gum, watermelon flavor

High blood pressure medication

Bottle of Diet Coke

Leather belt

Cell phone

Degree roll-on deodorant (Extreme Blast scent)

Conair nose hair trimmer

Olympus digital recorder

A note to remind myself to call my old landlord

Various utility bills for the old apartment

Receipt for new pair of sneakers

Train schedule

Stack of books: Kiss Me, Judas, by Will Christopher Baer (I now own three different versions; gotta remember to mail one to Beckerman); Sock, by Penn Jillette; Johnny Too Bad, by John Dufresne; Grab On To Me Tightly As If I Knew The Way, by Bryan Charles; Peanuts: The Art of Charles M. Schulz, edited by Chip Kidd   

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