Random Thoughts And Links

So Roger Federer wins again. Andy Roddick must have thought he really was playing against Pong. And Anna Wintour was in Roger’s box during a couple of matches? I guess the devil wears New Balance.

President Bush’s speech last night: didn’t it seem like just a laundry list of all the greatest hits talking points every Republican has made for the past year? Check out Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment.

If there is a God, and he controls the world of television, Studio 60 will be a giant hit and this time next year people will be wearing Studio 60 hats and talking about the show like they talk about Lost.

Can we all stop talking about Katie Couric’s choice of wardrobe and how many times they show her legs on the newcast and talk about what’s really important? Namely, that she looks terrible in HD.

3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts And Links

  1. still holding out hope for studio 60? best show on the air right now. it’s a shame more people can’t–or won’t take the time to–appreciate it. let’s hope they’re all holed up somewhere reading or voting or listening to good music and not devouring america’s next top model instead.

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