Dear Family: I Am Not A Computer Expert

I am the go-to guy my family, um, well, goes to when something happens to their computer. This causes many problems.

I work on a computer but I am not a computer expert.

My nephew just got a new Sony Vaio for Christmas, and I’m waiting for the "can you come over and set up/fix/get rid of the virus/tell us how to plug it in" phone call from my brother-in-law or sister. And I’m always happy to do it. But I think they assume I know more about computers than I do. Yes, I certainly know more than they do and can usually help with a small problem or with advice (my advice is usually something along the lines of "you should buy a Mac"), but they seem to think that because I write on the web every single day that I’m somehow a tech expert.

This would be like calling up Rachael Ray to fix your television. Hey, she’s on TV all the time, she must know how to fix them.

2 thoughts on “Dear Family: I Am Not A Computer Expert

  1. Strange as this is, I get it too. Just because I’m online all day every day (can you say addicted?) people think I know what I’m doing. HA! If they only knew. 🙂

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