Happy Birthday To Me

Saturday was my birthday, and while I don’t go crazy on my birthday anymore, I did have a very enjoyable weekend. Saturday night I had Mexican food and beer, then on Sunday I went to see Ocean’s 13 (cool flick) and then had a big dinner of spaghetti and veal parm with garlic bread and wine. My stomach ached so much from overeating that for about an hour I thought a small yet tenacious alien was going to burst through.

As for my age, according to Douglas Adams I am the secret of the universe. I am Fox Mulder’s apartment number. Someone once made a movie about my summer.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me

  1. Happy Birthday Bob!!!
    I celebrated my birthday for about four weeks straight! Love your tagline, BTW.
    I was just reading your article on query letters! I agree with you as I detest writing formal schlock and would rather the work speak for itself. Interestingly enough, the term query letter is also being used for us illustrators when we look for work. I tried to fight it, but I had to give in and actually research writing one. It’s nice to see that something ties us creative types together other than no one understanding us.

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