In Internet Years, I’m Really Old

What gift do you get a blog that turns 12?

Yup, this blog is now 12 years old. That means in web years, I’m approximately “really old.” I’d love to say that I’m some sort of web pioneer, but I just keep thinking of how long I’ve been doing it. I’ve been thinking about age a lot lately. New Red Sox slugger Jason Bay says that he took number 44 because when he was a kid he was a fan of Erik Davis. When I heard that he took number 44 I thought he took it because of Reggie Jackson. That’s how old I am.

Though this blog has reached a dozen years, and there is plenty of stuff to read in the archives, I still haven’t updated it enough. That’s not out of laziness (he said, slightly wincing), it’s actually because I write on the web for a living and it’s sometimes hard to come up with stuff on your own site if you’re writing 2000 words elsewhere every single day of the year. But that’s going to change. It’s one of my fall resolutions, to stop worrying about what I write here. To stop worrying about having some perfect column and waiting to update the blog until I do so, as if I’m doing this particular thing for money and I have to have a certain number of words and a specific angle or topic that an editor needs me to talk about. I’m just going to write about what interests me and see where it leads every few days, and leave the other stuff for other places. Coming soon: a new section of the site, more pop culture stuff, more pics and video, and much more.

Anyway, I know that some of you might be here for the first time, so take a look at the archives if you’re curious as to what I’ve been up to. I also publish a magazine/blog thing. And if you’re interested in my day job, it’s right here.

Have a great weekend.

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