I Meant Monday Through Friday

Yup, here I am again. What, you thought I was going to forget about doing this every night?

I should probably clarify something I said yesterday. When I said I'd be posting new essays every single day, I meant Monday through Friday. Nothing here on Saturday and Sunday, unless I have some incredible super duper BREAKING NEWS that I just must share with you, and even then I'll probably break it on Twitter. A guy has to rest. And by rest I mean working on other things. So let's say it will be Monday through Friday. If you need to get hold of me for some reason on the weekend, we can do it the old-fashioned, intimate way. You know, e-mail.

I finally found out how to get you damn people to comment on my blog posts: bribery! Actually, thanks to everyone who posted a comment on yesterday's essay. The first five will be getting a secret gift which I'll talk about in private e-mails to those individuals. To those of you who read the post and didn't comment, well, those gifts are each worth TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. Sorry!

Today was a good day. Still too warm for me, but the meteorologists on my television promise cooler temps in a day or two. But I got a lot of work done today and finished everything right around 4:55pm, which means I was done in time to watch the U.S. Open Men's Final. So happy that Federer won that I'm going to eat Swiss Cheese (which I'll slice with my Swiss Army Knife) while drinking Swiss Miss hot chocolate. I'll even use my Gillette Fusion razor. Seriously, it was great to see him win. Nothing at all against Andy Murray, except for the fact it looks like he shaves with…well, a Swiss Army Knife. No, I'm happy for Federer because all of the tennis experts seemed to write him off because he only made a few semi-finals this year and only participated in the best single tennis match in tennis history at Wimbledon and only won a Gold Medal at the Olympics (some of which he did while sick). Here's a guy who has won 12 Grand Slams, made 18 straight Grand Slam semi-finals, and won 5 Wimbledons in a row and 4 U.S. Opens in a row, and John McEnroe is saying he's not what he used to be and Nadal is the best because he's #1. Eh. Nadal is fantastic and has had a brilliant year, but he's no Federer. Not yet anyway.

(Boy, there's a paragraph that I bet non-tennis fans were happy to read.)

OK, I'm off. Not to bed but to watch some of the Sports Night DVD set I got in the mail today. It's a new 10th Anniversary set, chock full of new interviews and commentaries and a big booklet. Love this show. Review coming at TV Squad later this week.

6 thoughts on “I Meant Monday Through Friday

  1. I am not sure which item made the most sad in this post:
    1) That you are already slipping on your plan to write daily but whacking the weekends.
    2) This is the first exciting Swiss news in a long time…the Swiss have a long boring history of neutrality, cheese and cocoa.
    3) That SportsNight occurred so far in my past. I am old.

  2. Brian: Yeah, when I said every day I menat M-F. Think of it this way: now you can wait at your computer all night Sunday and hit refresh over and over and over again! Won’t that be exciting?
    Jade: it’s worth the upgrade. The old set didn’t have any extras at all. This has commentaries by the stars and crew, a couple of behind the scenes documentaries, and a big booklet about the show.

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