Contact Lens Triscuits

You know what the hardest part of doing these daily essays is? Coming up with a friggin' title for each one. I wish I could be like some writers who just slap a pic up and type away at the top of the page, but this system doesn't allow you to post anything without a title. I guess I could try to trick the system and put the date in, but I don't want to see the date twice in a row. I could put a dot or something, but that would just look stupid. I could just put a number ("Entry #294"), but that would seem too…clinical. So I'll have to come up with titles for each and every one of these posts.

It's the same with e-mail. I get so tired of trying to come up with clever, funny, and/or accurate subject lines for the e-mails I send. It turns sending e-mails into a creative writing assignment. That's why I like it when someone else sends me an e-mail and all I have to do is hit "reply." 85% of my work is done for me. I think I'll just start putting random words and phrases for the subject lines in my messages. "Mocha Crayons," "Reindeer Powerball," "Contact Lens Triscuits," or maybe "Palin/Biden in 2012." Nah, I can't put any of those things or people will think it's spam and delete it immediately. They're getting more creative with spam subject lines nowadays, and they've ruined it for the rest of us.

Speaking of contact lenses, my new ones came in the mail today. I know, I know, exciting news. Alert Technorati and Drudge. But the reason I bring it up is because my contact lenses always come on a day it's raining. Never fails. I could take out my Father's Almanac, look ahead 3 months and see what day it's going to rain in my part of the state, and strategically order my contact lenses so they come the day before it rains or the day after and it will still rain on that day. The box they come in is rather flimsy, and one time I got a box that was in my mailbox all day in the rain and the entire box had turned to mushy pulp. The lenses inside seemed to be OK, but it's not something I want to chance again. Luckily I was standing right near the door when the mailman came so I plucked them out of the mailbox right away. Rain damage: minimal. Now I just have to figure out why my mailman is delivering my mail at 5pm instead of 11am like they've been doing for the past 15 years.

Tonight's TV: Fringe and Hole in the Wall. The former was a lot better than I expected it to be, setting up the show really well, and has just enough creepy/fantastic comic book elements to make it fun. And it's set in Boston! I could have done without the melting infected people on the plane at Logan Airport though. Good thing I don't travel by plane that much. As for Hole in the Wall, it was stupid in a way only stupid game shows can be. I thought it would be fun, considering the original Japanese version is fun. But maybe out of it's Japanese context it's just a bunch of goofballs contorting their bodies to win money as a boring announcer and giggly female co-host call the action instead of one of those odd Japanese curios that make us all run to YouTube. I'm already bored with it (see also: Wipeout).

Oh, and as I said on Twitter, the catch phrase the host says several times throughout the show is "It's time to face the hole." Which is also what the stage manager yells to the actors in their dressing rooms on a porn movie set.

Tomorrow: tea. And don't forget I blog at TV Squad all day.

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