Suddenly, It’s Tea

Before I start, a quick suggestion: the media keeps wondering why this "lipstick on a pig" thing keeps holding the interest of people. Could it be that the media can't stop talking about it? People are interested in the story because the media keeps covering it, not the other way around.

Anyway, tea! I'm back to drinking tea. Hot tea is something I can't drink in the months of May, June, July, and August. I'm not one of these "drinking hot liquids in hot weather actually cools you down!" people. I don't believe that for a second. You can show me fancy stats and graphs and research from the New England Journal of Medicine, but it's still hot liquid swirling in my mouth, going down my throat hot and landing in my insides in hot fashion, so there's no "refreshment" involved. So I stay away from it in the late spring and throughout the summer. But it's great to have it back. The past day has actually been cool enough to drink the hot stuff again, and at one point I even thought about closing the windows in my living room but decided it would get too warm too quickly in the apartment and left them open. Then it started to pour so I had to close them anyway.

Did my weekly spot on Shaun OMac's show tonight. Talked about Fringe, Letterman/Leno, Bonnie Hunt, Tina Fey and SNL. Couldn't talk about Prison Break or The Sarah Connor Chronicles because I don't watch those shows, which probably makes me a terrible TV person, I know. I did use the word "vibe" about 40 times for some reason I still can't figure out, vibe this, vibe that, I have a different vibe, the show has a different vibe, vibe, vibe, vibe. But I think the show went well. We need more call-in listeners, though we do get a lot of great questions via e-mail and IM so keep those coming.

I have so far really impressed myself by not succumbing to the incredible urge to buy one of new Nanos. That's a really great price for what you get, and I still might get it. I might even get up in the middle of the night tonight, turn on the computer and decide to get one. I also didn't buy anymore books today. That's almost three weeks, which is some sort of record for me. One thing I did buy today was a discount card my niece's school is selling. It cost $10, and while I really don't shop at any of the stores and eating establishments listed on the back, I don't mind helping out. I'm just afraid that I will use the card at two of the places listed on the back, Domino's and McDonald's. I mean, Domino's is just a couple of doors down from my apartment. Domino's and a discount card. That's a bad combination for my gut.

Anyway, I still have a couple of things to write tonight. Check in all day tomorrow at TV Squad for more blogging, and I'll have an update to Professor Barnhardt's Journal this week too.

Also: vibe!

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