The Giant Water Bug That Ate Massachusetts

I have lived in this apartment for almost 15 years, and I've lived here with 3000 roommates.

Well, OK, one official roommate and 2999 unofficial ones in the form of water bugs. Most of them are giant or medium-sized, though there are also mini-bugs that seem to like the bathroom. The bigger bugs wander around the entire apartment, fast as FIOS, running along the walls and the floors on their 100 legs. If you're lucky enough to smash them, they bleed purple blood and guts.

They're only here in the spring, summer, and early fall (wait a second, that's most of the year…). When it gets cold they will vanish for the most part, but right now they're still around. There has always been one area of the apartment where they haven't been…until now. I've never seen them on the island where I make my meals or the computer where I usually type these words (the two areas are right next to each other). But yesterday as I was typing I noticed one running on the table just to the right of my keyboard. I jumped up and I think I audibly said "Ah-yeeeee!" It ran behind the printer and eventually fell under the table and seemed to vanish. Oh, did I mention this is also where I sleep?

To paraphrase Harrison Ford in Raiders, I hate bugs Jock…I hate 'em.

So, I've gone full-time with my laptop. It was always easier to use that desktop because that's where all of my files are and the screen is bigger and it's the computer I used for 10 years before I got my the laptop and I was used to the keys and how everything workd and it had good speakers and all that, but I can't use it anymore. Not only is it not a Mac, but it's now, to me, "the computer where bugs live." At least with the MacBook I can close it, put it in my bag, and store it where it can't be infested.

Sorry for the short entry tonight. Sunday night is always a busy night for me, with a Mad Men review due ASAP and another post I have to get ready to go live at TV Squad early in the AM. More tomorrow.

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