iPods and eLections

It's so warm right now that I don't even want to move from my position on the couch, laptop in lap, to fix the television. It's going through one of those weird glitchy moments when the picture gets all pixel-y and the sound goes and you have to change the channel for a second and then change it back to fix the problem. Of course I say "you" as if this is a universal problem when it could only happen to me. But I doubt it. Not really sure what's wrong, if it's a loose cable wire or the wires outside need to be cleaned or what, but it seems to happen mostly on HD channels.

It's the middle of September, and although it's still technically summer I'm sick of sticking to the furniture and my shorts.

Another thing that's making me uncomfortable? This election. I'm so sick of it I just want the election to be held tomorrow and whoever wins wins and we'll all live with it. I'm sick of lipstick and "change" and experience and pigs and the lies and hockey moms and the "McCain is just like Bush!" cliche and the fudging of numbers and histories. It's all crapola. And it's on both sides. I can hate McCain's dishonesty while at the same time despising Obama's remarkably stupid "McCain can't e-mail!" ad. I did enjoy the Palin/Clinton sketch on SNL this weekend, which is basically the only type of political coverage I can stand until the debates (at first I was irritated that Comcast took MSNBC out of my cable package but now I look at it as a good thing). Then they'll be an entirely new set of spun topics to despise.

As for the news involving Lehman Brothers and Merrill-Lynch, if I understood anything about the stock market and mortgages and credit and longstanding financial institutions and the economy in general, I'd probably be even more irritated.

Nano update: I haven't bought one yet. I actually went to the Apple store over the weekend and held one of them in my hand (it's so small! – the iPod, not my hand), and while I'd love to say it was willpower that made me not buy one, it was actually because none of the employees came over and asked "can I help you?" If they had I would have bought one immediately. Instead the place was packed and no one paid attention to me, so I made it out with my $200.

Of course, you can buy them online too…(Wow, I swear a commercial for the new Nano came on my TV as I finished this.)

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