Can someone explain to me how hacking Sarah Palin's e-mails is fair? Honestly. What the hell is that all about, and why is the blogosphere so giddy that it was done?

No, this won't be a political rant. In fact, let's change the subject to computers! I really like the new MacBook (I'm typing on it now), but it has a really irritating problem that I've never experienced in my 20 years of owning both Macs and PCs: the power cord doesn't stay lit up. I can understand the pins coming loose, maybe even coming out and getting stuck in the port, but I've owned the damn thing for just three weeks and already the cord is getting a little flonky? It's not a major deal; the battery still charges and the cord light works fine with a little jiggling (in fact, the battery still charges even if the light isn't on), but it's just one of those things where you want it to work 100% the way it's supposed to 100% of the time so it doesn't ruin the Cool Apple Experience (TM).

Anyway, the rest of the day has been taken up by The Thing I Can't Talk About Yet. I guess I can talk about it without using specifics, being as vague as possible but at the same time mysterious and really general. In short, the thing I thought would happen tonight actually happened, but I don't know how that happening is going to affect the bigger happening. And that bigger happening probably won't happen for a few more weeks at least, and hopefully I will find out what's happening from the boss of the person who had the first happening above happen to him. If it's what I suspect it's going to be, then I'll have to do option A. If it's the other thing, then it's option B. If it's something I don't really expect, option C, then I'm going to have to re-evaluate everything I've been thinking this week about all of the happenings.

So that's what I'm dealing with this week. Now you know why I decided to have a pepperoni pizza tonight. For the record, it was Mystic. More delicious than the movie, but with much less Julia Roberts.

One thought on “Happenings

  1. It’s sort of a chicken and egg scenario… no not your mysterious happening… but the Palin Yahoo! thing.
    See the problem is that a public official was conducting business via a private email… there’s disclosure laws and such involved in that as well as the fact that a private account is not as secure as a public one (hahaha!) and it shouldn’t be used for such business… but no one might have known if the Yahoo! account hadn’t been hacked… unless the addressees might have kept their emails… or something like that… It just leads to more suspicion on why she refuses to testify in her case nor will any other person given a subpoena…
    As for the Mystic Pizza… did you think it would give you insight into this or into your happening?

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