You’re A Winner

If you watch Saturday Night Live, or surf the TV sites, you've probably seen this:

I find it hysterical for some reason. I think it's because – if you take out all of the intentionally funny parts, or even if you leave them in – this is a song that could have been done by any of the overproduced progressive rock bands of the 80s. Aside from that effect they're using on Andy Samberg's voice (all the hip bands are doing it now, I think Cher might have started it years ago), this could be a song by any of the bands that used space, outlandish costumes, and a bunch of keyboards (and sometimes had a magical goat on the album cover).

It does go on a bit though, like all of SNL's stuff. It would have been funnier as a straight promo for the Space Olympics instead of a story that includes what happens to the Olympics and how the ship self-destructs. Still, a funny bit of random craziness, which I'm sure was created without the use of weed.

Good day today. It's not full-throated tea weather yet – fall doesn't come for a few more days, remember – but tea was had anyway. Two cups! I think that might have been why I crashed hard in the middle of the afternoon. All that sugar after a summer of Diet Cokes and Pepsis. I mean, I crashed harder than…well, Don Cheadle in Crash. Harder than the Crash Test Dummies. Harder than the 1929 stock market crash. Harder than The Dave Matthews Band singing "Crash." There's still a bit of warmness to the air I'm not happy about. Like I always tell people when they ask about my dislike of summer, if I can go outside without wearing a jacket, then it's too warm for me. I don't care if someone can say it's 74 and really dry, 74 and really dry is still too warm for me. We're not quite there yet, but Friday is supposed to see a high of 60 or so. The fall is almost upon us. I love long pants!

(Great, now this site will come up if someone types the phrase "I love long pants" into Google.)

I just saw an ad for the Emmy broadcast this Sunday. It said that Oprah Winfrey will make a "special appearance" on the show. Can we say that if one of the most powerful, popular people on television goes to the Emmys, there's really nothing special about it? Of course she's going to be there, she's a current TV star. If Rod Serling or Ed Sullivan or Lucille Ball shows up that will be a special appearance (side note: I wonder if any of them would do Dancing with the Stars if they were around today?). By the way, I'll be covering the Emmys will a live blog over at TV Squad. Starts around 6pm ET. God, five hours of live blogging? I'm a winner!

As for the Happening, it has happened yet. I'm not going to know anything until the last week of the month, so I won't mention it again until there's big news. And I know everyone reading this is breathing a sigh of relief.

Thanks for reading this week. Stop by the live blog on Sunday night if you're around the web. If not, I'll see you Monday.

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