The Laundry Miscalculation

One last thing about the Emmys: it was one of the worst. In retrospect, having five reality show hosts host the show was a massively bad idea. Their banter wasn't even worthy of bad vaudeville. Every time they came on you thought, are they accidentally running the rehearsal footage? Next year they should just get Stewart and Colbert and Gervais to host the thing. Or just one of them. Really, do we really need more hosts than there are hours in the telecast? No, we don't.

Woke this morning late. Stayed in bed for a few more hours than usual because I knew I didn't have to do laundry so I could shower and dress quickly and get to work. Of course, after my shower I realized that I miscalculated badly with the clothing (new Ludlum novel: The Laundry Miscalculation) and didn't have anything to wear. Well, I did have a few things to wear: underwear and socks, no shirts or pants or even sweatpants. Underwear and socks isn't an acceptable wardrobe, even if you don't have to commute to work. So after doing laundry I didn't start work until 2pm, which is actually fine because…

…no, not yet.

I swear that everytime I convince myself not to buy a Nano that commercial with the bouncy music comes on and taunts me. It's on right now. Colorful music machines flying through the air and dripping green, red, and blue. The song is saying "I'd like to do handstands for you/Bob I think you should buy a Nano or two/For you-oo-oo-oo." At least that's what it sounds like to me. But I have no plans to buy one until the day I buy one. I did buy some headphones today so I can listen to music on the MacBook. Plus I'll need headphones for when I do actually buy the iPod because I hate the headphones that come with it.

But I'm not buying one yet!

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