Think Nice

So I didn't mention what happened at Best Buy a couple of days ago. I went in there to buy something to keep the bottom of my MacBook warm while I type on the coffee table (I ended up buying a new lapdesk thing instead). The stores have an Apple section which I had never been to before so I decided to check it out on my way to the laptop-accessory section. I walked around the area, looking at mice and software and games, waiting for one of the BB Apple Section clerks to ask me if I needed any help. One of them is rearranging some stuff on the shelf, and our conversation went something like this:

Me: Hey
Clerk: Can I help you with anything?
Me: No, just looking around, thanks.
Clerk: NICE!

Yes, he said it in the modern, hip way that mostly younger people say it, a slight elongation to the "I," and with a bit of a deep, quick laugh and a tone that said "that's awesome that you're looking around." I had no answer for him, because he told me it was nice I was looking around and he left to go talk with some of his coworkers. Not sure what I would have said to him anyway. I grabbed my lapdesk and some monitor wipes and went to the check out.

(A note to people who aren't interested in computers or are interested in computers just not Apple products, I swear I won't talk about computers in every post. I think I've said this before but I mean it.)

This is funny. David Blaine is in the middle of one of his stunts in New York City. He's hanging upside down by his feet for two and a half days. No food, no water, no bathroom breaks (catheter, I'm guessing), and the danger of the blood rushing to his head and going blind, as doctors say. Except for the following facts that people watching the stunt have discovered:

1. He's not dangling by his own feet power, he's wearing special shoes that attach his feet completely.

2. He's being raised and lowered so he can move around and stretch his legs.

3. He gets to rest his head in a special sling once in a while.

4. He is getting pulled over to a special platform where he can get out of the harness for 10 minutes, stand up, and drink water.

Other than that, it's like you're watching Houdini himself. Blaine's spokesman says that he never said that he would hang for 60 hours straight (yeah, I'm sure he said he was going to hang for 60 hours with 10 minute breaks for standing, rest, and water, because that sounds more exciting). Some of his stunts have been fun and show real endurance, and he's a fantastic upclose magician. This looks like he ran out of ideas or didn't really think it all the way through. I think this time I'm going to…I don't know…what if I hang upside down by my feet for a few days and…something? Not sure if I can do that actually. Sounds good though. Should we put a tiger cage underneath it or something? Nah.

ABC has a live special tonight where he's going to "dive" to either his death or to safety. I wonder if ABC or the fans in attendance will mention what really happened this week.

Next week I'm going to attempt to stay awake for 30 straight days. Other than sleeping each night for 6 hours, it's going to be mesmerizing.

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