Morning Person, Evening Person

Random question: why does David Letterman wear white socks with his suits?

Crazy day. Crazy, crazy day. Not only does John McCain suspend his campaign and announce he wants to cancel the first debate this Friday, not only does David Blaine do a "dive of death" off of a 50 foot platform (wearing a harness), but Clay Aiken announces that he's gay. I think my UTTER SHOCK over this is matched only by my complete lack of interest in it. Though I do wish that magazines would stop using the "Yes, I'm Gay" headline when celebrities make an announcement. May I suggest "No, I'm Not Straight?"

So the routine for the past several years has been to work all day, take a little bit of a break between 7 and 10, to watch TV (which has been my work for many moons) and have dinner, and then work until I can't stay awake anymore or until I've finished whatever it is I'm working on. Now I've thrown a nightly essay into the mix, which I usually type between midnight and 1am. The weird thing is, I keep telling myself that I'm actually a morning person. Stay up writing and watching TV and listening to music and surfing the web? As a fortysomething? That's the domain of 25 year-olds! I want to get up around 6am and go out for a walk and/or run, to start work early, really jump into the day from sunrise, but when you go to sleep at 1:30am every single night, getting up at 6am, especially to move a lot with your feet, is damned near impossible. I really tell myself that I should change things around, go to bed earlier and get up earlier, and so many things in my life will change for the better. But when you write for a living, the evening is such a beautiful place to be. So what do to?

By the way, I don't have an answer. I just thought I'd mention it.

Couldn't do The Shaun OMac Show tonight. Other things happening. I always feel bad when I miss a week. I do it every Wednesday at 6:20pm ET, and the funny thing? If his show was on much later, say around midnight, I could actually do it. Because I'm a morning person stuck in an evening person's body.

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