Hey, it's October 1. Rabbits! (Anyone who understands that probably had the same type of teachers I did in middle school.).

OK, so I promised that today would be the day that I reveal the secret that I've been keeping for the past couple of weeks, and here it is: I've decided to become a woman. Just kidding! Actually, I'd like to introduce you to CliqueClack TV! It's a new site I'm writing for, started by the ex-editor at TV Squad and populated by a lot of cool people who love television (and watch a ton of it). We'll have reviews, newsy posts, op-ed pieces, interviews, and a lot of other stuff. Check it out, bookmark it, and let us know what you think. Today is the official launch of the site, and we're preparing for a lot of traffic. Hopefully the servers won't implode (though I guess there are worse problems than having too many visitors). We've been working on the site for several days now and actually have over 70 posts for you to browse through and enjoy. So…enjoy! (It's possible that link might not work until later this morning; if that's the case, go here until it's live.)

If you're wondering if this means that TV Squad is no more, not at all. I'm still posting there every day too, so check that out if you're a fan or even if you've never been there before. Some cool things in the works there too.

Watching Anne Hathaway on Letterman right now. Did you know that The Devil Wears Prada is on HBO every 17 hours? I think it's a new law. Actually, it's a really good movie. I'm not afraid to say that. Is it some chick flick that people with penises aren't supposed to like, unless you're a man with a penis who likes other men with penises? I think I can say I really like it (You've Got Mail is one of my favorite movies too, if you must know). What's not to like? It's entertaining, it's about publishing, Meryl Streep is great, it has Stanley Tucci. It's quickly becoming one of those movies that, if I'm channel surfing and I see that it's on I have to stop and watch it, whether I hit it at the beginning or in the final 1/3. It also has Rich Sommer from Mad Men, who I've interviewed and is a very nice guy.

Wait, let me check. Hmmm, it's not on tonight. Must be a scheduling error.

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