Cap’n Crunch

There aren't many things in life that are more irritating than trying to have a phone conversation with someone – a phone conversation that's going over the air live, mind you – and your phone is crackling like you're eating kettle-cooked potato chips with an open mouth, a massive crunch devouring every other word you say.

But that's what happened tonight during my weekly visit with Shaun OMac on his BlogTalkRadio show. I have a new phone and I thought it was one of those situations where the handset was kablooey for some reason and I'd have to return it. So I grab the other phone in the other room. Nope, same problem. So I say "oh, I know, the phone in the other room doesn't have a filter on it!" Nope, there's a filter on it, so that's not it. And this has never happened before, so it can't be that. I hang up and try to call him on my cell. Zero battery power. So I call him back on the noisy phone and manage to get through the 30 minutes with minimal crunch. Phone still isn't right though. I'm hoping it's some sort of weather interference or phone company work that's happening, because I really don't want to deal with over-the-phone tests with customer service reps and/or visits by men who check wires. I hope it just repairs itself.

You know what? That's all I have tonight. Click the above link for the interview, check out the new piece up at Professor Barnhardt's Journal, and I'll much more tomorrow. I think there's a debate or something tonight?

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