Phone Problems

I don't know who the hell "won" the debate, but I do know it involved the words "fundamental" and "my friends."

Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday. Went to bed earlier than usual and had planned to wake up early, get a post up so you wouldn't even know I didn't do one last night, and I woke up to…no DSL service. No phone service either. Then I remembered that the phone company (that old description of "the phone company" – I think I have Verizon though the worker outside my door was actually using a NYNEX ladder) had to finish working on the crackling problem I talked about last week. This week a new feature: I could call out but no one could call in, which actually isn't a bad thing to have happen when you work from home and you usually get 11 phone calls a day from telemarketers, creditors, and salesmen. But since my DSL service was also out (which isn't always the case, often when I'm having phone problems my DSL will still work, something I still don't completely understand). I couldn't check my e-mail until late afternoon, I couldn't do any stories on TV Squad, I couldn't read anything about the debate tonight, but most of all I COULDN'T' CHECK TWITTER!

You know all those studies that say that we're all too connected all of the time and our brains have been rewired and we're addicted to the net? Days like this make me believe those studies.

Anyway, things are back to normal now. No more static on the line, my fingers are blazing a trail across the web, and I'm going to be able to do my weekly phone interview with Shaun OMac after all. That's tonight at 6:20pm ET, if you want to tune in and maybe e-mail a question or pose a question in the chat room.

We talk about TV, of course. But you probably already knew that.

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