Warmer, Warmer

I had this whole thing typed out about what I'm reading right now and what I'm not reading right now, and when I went back and read it from the start I realized it was an enormous piece of donkey dung that bored even me, instantly. So I highlighted it and hit the delete button.

Instead, let's talk about that old standby: the weather! Every meteorologist on TV is saying how "beautiful" it was today, because it's the second week of October and it's 70 degrees. That's donkey dung to me too. This was an awful day, too warm to wear a coat (yes, that's a negative to me) and a day where I was very tempted to open up my front door and leave it open all day long. But I figured if I did that I would be admitting that it's warm out again, so I kept it closed. The weather can't be defeated outright, but you can certainly win a battle here and there.

Other than that, absolutely nothing happened today. I didn't leave the house all day, unless you count signing for a UPS package and checking the mail as leaving the house (note: it's not). So I'll end this right now and watch the news and Letterman. Have a great weekend and I'll see you Monday.

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