Chai Vs. Chai

So I've run out of my favorite chai, and the place I get it from is out of stock and might not have anymore for a while.


How am I supposed to write all day long without my massive injections of sugar and vanilla? Yeah, tea is fine, but once you've had this chai it becomes an addiction. It's the same chai that Borders Books used to serve, before they changed their cafes into Seattle's Best, But Only If You Like Coffee Because Everything Else They Sell Is Rather Lame. Their chai actually burns your throat unless you hit it with a couple of shots of vanilla, which the nice girl behind the counter suggested once.

Now it's pretty good, but the old chai was better. I looked at the ingredients one day and the first things on the list were all in the sugar family. No idea what it's been doing to my insides for the past 8 years, but it sure is tasty.

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