Random Thoughts

Random thoughts on an early Monday morning:

So I didn't have any trick or treaters on Halloween, for the 10th year in a row. Is it because I'm on the second floor and the first floor store is deserted? Is it because I live near a retail section of town and there isn't much foot traffic in general? Or is it because I turn off the front light so I can eat all of the candy (Reese's peanut butter cups) myself? Another unsolved mystery. But the peanut butter cups were great.

I am so glad this whole damn election is over, no matter who wins. What commercials can we hate now that the election done? Anything with Billy Mays, 99% of car commercials, Viagra/Cialis ads, and that creepy Poltergeist ad, for starters.

We set the clocks back and hour this weekend. I like this. I like the fall and winter, I like the cold weather, and I like that it gets dark early. It's the signal that the holidays are upon us, and I like that. The local newscasters are always sighing and pointing out how cold it's getting (it was in the 50s today – yeah, a real bone chiller) and how dark it gets so early now. I sometimes wonder if they really dislike these things or say them because they think viewers hate them.

You know, I've gotten to the age where I'm just not going to like some foods, and I'm not even going to try some.

I love creditors that call my house and say "Please call 1-800-XXX-XXXX Immediately" without saying who they are, why they're calling, or even who they're calling. What if I live with the Waltons or the Bradford family from Eight is Enough?

I don't like Michael Moore. There, I said it.

Mad Men is easily the best new TV show of the past several years. There, I said that too.

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