Don't listen to the critics; Quantum of Solace is a good flick.

There are several things wrong with it. Most of the action scenes look like they were directed by over-caffeinated monkeys (in the opening car chase you can't even tell what's going on or who is in what car), it features yet another story where Bond has gone all rogue and his bosses are trying to reign him in (see also License To Kill and Die Another Day), and it has the worst theme song in the history of the franchise (and that's saying something when you have Madonna to contend with – I'd like to see Duffy or Adele do the next one). Entertaining flick though. Craig and Dench are excellent, and it has a great feel to it (even if that feel means they pretty much copied a couple of scenes from the Bourne movies). If you haven't seen the previews the film will work even better.

I will say though: please, for Craig's third movie, please make it a little more Bondian (the drinks, the exotic locales, the tux), and for God's sake get Q and Moneypenny in there.

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