It's December 12 already?

How did that happen, exactly? It seems like only yesterday we were still a couple of weeks away from Thanksgiving, and now I see that Christmas is only 13 days away. This would probably be the time when I should start my Christmas shopping. For some reason I'm not in the mood this year to battle shoppers at the malls (I don't believe that people aren't buying much this year because of the economy – I don't see any signs of that). Thank God I can press a few buttons on my computer and people on the web do my shopping for me and send them to me. I usually have all of my cards mailed out by this time, but there they are across the room, still in the box, waiting for me to sign and stuff in an envelope and stamp and mail.

I really did have every intention of updating this site every single day. Sometimes life gets in the way, sometimes sleep gets in the way, sometimes TV gets in the way. Usually it's work that gets in the way. I'm still juggling the whole "writing something new every night after writing 9 million words in my day job" thing. I just don't have that interesting a life. But my New Year's Resolution (and I don't usually make many) is to get something new here every day. It might not be 800 word essays, but it will be something.

Lots of new stuff up at TV Squad. Don't forget Twitter and my weekly (Weds night) guest spot on Shaun Daily's BlogTalkRadio show. Have a great weekend.

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