I Don’t Even Remember Getting An Allowance When I Was A Kid

Rich kids are being affected by the economy too!

Jodi Hamilton began her senior year of high school in Woodcliff Lake,
N.J., this fall on the usual prosperous footing. Her parents were
providing a weekly allowance of $100 and paying for private Pilates
classes, as well as a physics tutor who reported once a week to their
4,000-square-foot home.

But in October, Jodi’s mother lost her job managing a huge dental
practice in the Bronx, then landed one closer to home that requires
more hours for less money. Pilates was dropped, along with takeout
sushi dinners, and Jodi’s allowance, which covers lunch during the
week, slipped to $60. Instead of having a tutor, Jodi has become a
tutor, earning $150 a week through that and baby-sitting.

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