Holiday Wrap-Up And Other News

You know what’s really depressing? Radio stations that play Christmas music in January.

I love Christmas music, but there’s something really sad about turning on Sirius XM’s (and I really wish they’d pick one or the other and go with it) holiday music channel and hearing a lively version of “White Christmas” on January 4. That’s what I heard yesterday while driving back from the mall. There’s already a bit of a letdown when you hit January 2 (“what, the holidays are over already? No more trees and lights?”), so hearing this just put an exclamation point on it. A lot of people get down around the holidays but it always hits me the first week of January. It will all subside in a week or so, but right now I’m still thinking that I really wish it was still Christmas. So radio stations, please stop playing the holiday tunes. Unless it’s “Sleigh Bells” and “Let It Snow.” Oh, and any of Dean Martin’s songs where he has his love to keep him warm even if it’s cold outside (baby). Those are winter-themed and can probably be played until March Madness.

Anyway, Happy New Year! As the little catch phrase says above, I’m just now getting used to writing 2008 on my checks. I don’t know, maybe I should write more checks, but it seems that every time I had to write “08” I hesitated a bit because it didn’t look right for some reason. I’m sure the “09” will feel the same. I should just practice writing the date over and over and over again for the next week so I can get used to it. As if I don’t already have enough writing to do.

A fine, albeit a quick, Christmas. It seems to go by really quickly now, though I bet not having a Christmas tree or decorations in the house lead to that odd feeling on December 26 (long story – not my choice, I assure you – I’d have massive decorations and a giant tree and snow globes and tinsel and a fragrant wreath if it was up to me). It’s always great to hang out with the family on Christmas Day (actually it was Christmas Eve day this year because of various commitments family members had for the 25th), and I got some good gifts. I’ve become the Tea Guy in my family (this is a good thing), and my sister and my niece and her husband all got me various teas. I bought some tea just a week earlier, so I am now all set for tea until the first showing of Miracle on 34th Street in November of 2009.

I also got the complete series DVD for The Flintstones. Not thrilled with the way the DVDs are housed (really tight sleeves inside the books – you have to be a surgeon to get them out without scratching them), but there’s a lot of great extras, including footage of the original pilot, commentaries, features, and original commercials that ran with the show. I also like finding odd little scenes like this:

The hell? I’m sure that’s out of context.

Anyway, lots of new stuff up in the past week or so. Over at TV Squad I posted by Best and Worst of 2008, Over at Professor Barnhardt’s I did one of those link-roundup things (I really need to start updating that site more). And if anyone is wondering where the name Professor Barnhardt came from, it’s the character that John Cleese plays in The Day The Earth Stood Still. Actually, it’s the character Sam Jaffe played in the original many years ago. Nothing against Cleese, mind you.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I appeared on Shaun’s TV Talk, but you can listen to recent shows in the podcast archive (Wednesday shows). I’m also working on a new blog-thing that should debut soon and another project I’m working on for another site that…well, I can’t say anything about yet. Forget I even mentioned it.

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