I Shouldn’t Eat So Many Frozen Dinners

So here
we are 9 days into 2009 and I'm already failing with my resolutions. I
know there are a lot of people who say they hate resolutions and they
don't make resolutions, but I think it's just a natural thing for
humans to think about what they're doing at the end of the year/start
of a new year, whether it's what we eat, how we exercise, where we
work, even how we act. It's also the reason why so many people redesign
their web sites on January 1.

My big thing was to stop eating so
much stupid food. And by stupid food I mean cookies, peanut butter
cups, and frozen dinners. For the latter, I always trick myself into
buying those Smart Food/Lean Cuisine meals, but they aren't smart or
lean when you have to eat three of them to feel satisfied. I might as
well just get a giant plate of french fries and pour a hot fudge sundae
on top of it.

My current favorite frozen dinner is Stouffer's
Bourbon Steak Tips. These aren't any kind of diet or health food so I
thought that one would be enough. Problem is, it comes with about three
pounds of mashed potatoes and about 8 small pieces of steak. Sauce is
great, steak is great, potatoes are great, but I find myself having to
eat three of them, and that's no good. It's one of those deals where
you have to really be careful with the order and rhythm you eat the
steak and potatoes. Eat the steak tips too fast and you're left with
just a pound of potatoes (it really is amazing how much more potato
there is compared to meat). Dear Stouffer's: I love your Bourbon Steak
Tips, but please make your steak to potato ratio a little bit better.

Anyway, my tech problems seem to have been fixed. A lot
of tech problems, especially if they're web ones, often fix themselves
after a while or are fixed by the company that houses them. I should
just shut off the computer for a while, or maybe stop checking my
e-mail every 1.6 minutes, but I can't, so I keep remembering that I
and my cable is back.

New Brought To You By…up at TV Squad if you'd like to take a look. Have a great weekend.

I disabled the Twitter feed on this page because there was some weird
password/login glitch happening this week. I'll probably keep it off
since there's already a Twitter link on the menu to the left and you
can click on it if you so desire. No need to check two different sites
for the same content, right?)

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