Stickers vs. Bags

So my city is replacing the $2.00 garbage stickers with $2.00 garbage bags.

This shouldn't be a problem. $2.00 is $2.00, and we can still use the stickers for giant and/or odd-shaped items. But I worry that this is some sort of scheme to get more money, by forcing us to buy city-approved garbage bags that hold about a 1/3 of the trash that I currently shove into the giant Hefty bags I buy. Sure you have to use three trash bags when one used to do the trick, but no more dealing with sticky stickers, citizen! I asked a girl at the supermarket if they had the bags yet and what they were like. This is the conversation I had.

Me: Are the bags big enough?
Clerk: Yeah, they're big enough. But they're square.
Clerk: And they're purple.

Not really sure what a "square" trash bag is. Aren't all trash bags square or rectangular before you unfold them? Unless she means they're square after you unfold them and fill them. That would be a rather interesting development. I picture a bag impossible to shove into my trash barrel, hard to carry, and just an overall pain to deal with. But they're purple!

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