Signs Of Spring (And It’s Only February 16)

It’s beginning to look a lot like springtime, everywhere you go.

OK, so it’s still the middle of February and the nights are cold and I’m sure we’re in for a couple of more major storms at least. Spring doesn’t officially start until March 20, but the signs are there already. There are more bugs coming out of the woodwork (probably literally), there are days that I can even go without a jacket because the sun seems just a little bit warmer than a month ago, the days are a wee bit longer now, and the magazines are all starting there “what to wear this spring and summer” features. Soon there will be talk of flower shows and sunscreen.

In case you didn’t know from the dozens of times I’ve said it, this is very depressing to me. I don’t like summer. Spring is OK I guess because you still get some cool days. But spring leads to summer, which is just an uncomfortable, lame cauldron of despair. I won’t go into all of the reasons. I’ll just point you to this post about the boy who hated summer.

Which brings me to the job posting that’s been going around the web for the past several weeks, the best job in the world! They’re looking for someone to live in Australia for six months and write a blog about it. You have to know how to swim and snorkel. It’s being billed as the Ultimate Job In Paradise, but I guess that really depends on what your idea of paradise is (and “ultimate,” for that matter). It sounds like six months of depression to me. Six months of sweat, sunburn, digging sand out of your crevices, the wearing of shorts (gah), and a general lack of hot drinks. That’s not to say I wouldn’t tough it out for six months for $100,000. It’s amazing what temp jobs you’ll take when a salary reaches six figures. But it’s just interesting to me that most people assume that a job in a beach environment is “best” or “ultimate.” You see those obnoxious books about working only four hours a week and making a million dollars and SO MUCH FREEDOM! and they always have some sort of guy in a hammock, underneath a palm tree.

I wouldn’t be the same person without the snow and cold. I like wearing pants.

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