Never Take A Nap Before You Go To Bed

Woke up late this morning, so this whole day I felt like I was about 22 minutes behind in everything I had to do. And then the water coming out of the faucets started to drizzle out like Heinz ketchup. I assume they're working on the water under the streets or flushing something or whatever cities do to water. And then I noticed that we haven't gotten any mail in the past couple of days so I went downstairs to see if the mailman decided to put the mail in the abandoned mailbox used my the various businesses (taxi place, dog grooming shop, gift shoppe, then a travel agency – I'm not kidding), and he didn't. But I did notice the cable box was open on the side of the building and ice had formed inside on all of the wires. Cable and phone seem to be fine and I don't like touching wires that are encased in liquid so I gently closed the box again. Hopefully it will be OK.

Took a nap around 9pm and now I feel as if I could stay up all night. But I won't.

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