What The Hell Is Going On With Bazooka Joe?

So I was chewing gum last night (wow, there’s an exciting opening for a blog entry). Bazooka Joe, to be exact, something I haven’t done in years. They still put the comics in there, and they’re as lame as ever. Case in point:

Yes, it must be 1998 in the world of Bazooka Joe. And what’s with Mort’s hair and body? Did he have some sort of accident involving radiation at some point in the past several years? As for Joe, I understand that classic characters have to be updated, but now he just seems like another skateboard kid. I haven’t seen any other recent strips, but I’m sure he has a cellphone.

It’s funny: we just accepted Joe’s eye patch and Mort’s face-covering sweater when we were kids, but now I want to know what exactly is wrong with them. What happened to Joe’s eye? Is Mort’s mouth all Phantom Of The Opera-like?

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