The Return Of The Boy Who Hated Summer

It’s raining again. That could be the opening line of several blog entries on other blogs that complain summer hasn’t really arrived yet because it has been cooler than usual and wetter than usual. But I don’t mean “it’s raining again” in a negative way because, well, I hate summer. I could talk about how the summer is too humid and muggy and the TV is worse and the movies are worse and I hate the shorts I have to wear and the bugs and all that, but just saying it’s too hot is reason enough for me. To put it simply: it’s easier to warm yourself up than to cool yourself down. You can always put on another piece of clothing or a blanket. But there’s only so much you can take off before you’re naked. Hot tea is better than iced tea. I like wearing jackets. I hate hot cars.

But if you summer folk want to have hot and humid weather, I guess I can spare one month. How about we have August be as summer-ish as you want and then we go right into fall on the day after Labor Day. Deal?

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