Cigarette Ads Of The 50s and 60s

For no reason other than I wanted to, I was looking at a bunch of old cigarette ads today. These are a few that caught my eye, for obvious reasons. The first one is from 1961.

Because Pall Mall cigarettes…taste like watermelon? The box is red like watermelon? People congregate where watermelons are? More than likely this is the old “have a cigarette ad with water in it” tactic, only with a refreshing fruit instead of a waterfall or a stream.

This one is from 1954:

Buy Old Gold or we’ll kill this dog.

Dogs were a popular star of cigarette ads back in the day. This one (from 1956) doesn’t seem to be in as much danger as the one above.

My mom smoked Viceroys every day for about 40 years. It was the #1 choice of bowling champions:

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